Top 9 Breathtaking Hiking Trails in Kelowna for Every Adventurer

Walking trail through Dilworth Mountain Park
Tanya Goehring

Kelowna, a city amidst nature's magnificence, is a location for hikers seeking diverse terrains and breathtaking views. From tranquil lakeside paths to challenging mountain ascents, the region's trails offer a journey through stunning landscapes, each with its unique allure.

Black Mountain Regional Park

A stone's throw from the city, Black Mountain Regional Park is a park for hikers craving varied landscapes and commanding views of the Okanagan Valley. The park presents four trails – Coyote, Ephemeral Pond, Hoodoo, and Grassland – each offering a unique perspective of the area's beauty. Wander through forested paths and open meadows, and marvel at the hoodoos' unique rock formations.

Crawford Falls

Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, Crawford Falls is waiting to be discovered. Following the sound of cascading water, hikers are rewarded with a view of two stunning waterfalls. The Lower Falls, encased in rocky canyon walls, presents a rapid 20-foot descent, while the Upper Falls, towering at 40 feet, offers a picturesque panorama of the area. It takes 20 minutes to get to the Lower Falls and another 10 minutes to get to the Upper Falls. This hike is a blend of adventure and natural beauty, although it's important to check trail conditions before embarking on this journey.

Goat’s Peak

For those who relish a challenge, Goat's Peak awaits. The first half of this 5.8-km trail near Westbank is deceptively easy, lulling hikers into a false sense of security before the rigorous ascent begins. Reaching the summit rewards with expansive views, making the climb worthwhile. Averaging 2.5 hours to complete, this trail is a test of endurance and spirit.

Boucherie Rush Trail

The Boucherie Rush Trail in West Kelowna is a moderate 5.6-kilometre hike leading to breathtaking views. The summit overlooks Kelowna's cityscape and Okanagan Lake, possibly graced by the sight of bald eagles. This trail, once a volcanic terrain, now offers a unique hiking experience with its solidified lava rocks. However, the limited shade calls for ample water and sunscreen, especially during the hotter months.

Apex Trail

Right in downtown Kelowna lies the Apex Trail, blending urban convenience with nature's challenge. This trail offers steep climbs, rewarding hikers with stunning views of downtown and Okanagan Lake. Best experienced during warmer months, the Apex Trail comes alive with birdsong and the colours of wildflowers.

Paul’s Tomb

Paul's Tomb offers a leisurely walk leading to a secluded beach, perfect for a refreshing swim or a tranquil picnic. The trail's gradual descent is dotted with benches and stunning lake views, making it an ideal choice for a relaxed day out. The trail's namesake, a tomb belonging to the Paul family, adds a historical touch to the scenic journey.

Lebanon Creek

Lebanon Creek is a 6.4 km trail that promises both scenic beauty and a hearty workout. The steep elevation is accessible yet challenging, offering panoramic views as a reward. The lack of shade makes it imperative to start early, equipped with water and sunscreen, to enjoy the trail's natural wonders comfortably.

Spion Kopp

Spion Kopp is perfect for hikers of all experience levels, with its seven-trail network catering to varied preferences. Each trail leads to a stunning summit, ensuring an awe-inspiring view regardless of the chosen path. Our recommendation is the Arrowleaf, Summit and Tower Trails loop. However, any trail in this region is a sure bet for fantastic views. This park is perfect for those seeking either a peaceful stroll or a challenging trek.

Christie Falls Trail

For the adventurous spirit, Christie Falls presents an exhilarating experience. The journey to these beautiful waterfalls involves a steep rope climb, leading to a hidden cave and a rope swing that plunges into the falls. Accessible only by 4x4, or otherwise a really long walk on the access road, this trail is a thrilling escapade for those unafraid of heights and seeking a memorable adventure.


In Kelowna, every trail is an invitation to explore, to discover, and to connect with nature. These top 10 trails are just the beginning of what the region has to offer. As you lace up your hiking boots and set out on these paths, remember that each step is an opportunity to create your own adventure, to find your favourite viewpoint, and to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy hiking!