Exploring Kelowna's Craft Beer and Cider Scene

A sign for BNA Brewing is mounted on a brick building in Kelowna, with a man walking by and string lights overhead.
BNA Brewing


Kelowna has experienced a recent surge of craft brewers and cider makers, each bringing a unique flavour taste and experience to the local beverage industry.

The Growth of Kelowna's Craft Beer Scene

Historically, the area surrounding Kelowna has been recognized for its award-winning wineries. However, over the past decade, there's been a quiet revolution. The blooming craft beer industry has begun to make its mark on Kelowna's culinary landscape. More than a dozen microbreweries have surfaced, each offering a variety of unique and refreshing brews.

Notable Craft Breweries to Visit in Kelowna

BNA Brewing

BNA Brewing, situated in a historically significant building that was once a tobacco processing plant, is now a multifaceted establishment delivering great beer, food, and entertainment. With a variety of in-house brews ranging from the tart Fragaria Strawberry Hibiscus Sour to the smooth Hoyne Dark Matter, BNA offers a diverse set of flavours for every craft beer enthusiast.

Kelowna Beer Institute

A visit to Kelowna’s thriving craft beer scene wouldn't be complete without a stop at Kelowna Beer Institute, one of the region's pioneering craft breweries. Noteworthy for its seasonal specialties, such as the Vertical Winter Ale or the classic Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale, a trip to Kelowna Beer Institute is a must for any beer aficionado.

Exploring the Cider Scene

The same fertile ground that gives life to Okanagan's fine wines and craft beers also contributes to the production of premium ciders. Numerous local establishments craft cider using the region's abundant apple and pear crops, resulting in crisp and refreshing beverages that offer a delightful alternative to beer and wine.

BC Tree Fruits Cider Co.

At BC Tree Fruits Cider Co., each batch of cider is made from locally sourced tree fruits, paying homage to the region's rich agricultural heritage. Their ciders, including the classic Apple, sparkling Pear, and unique Broken Ladder, are refreshing and offer a true taste of the Okanagan.

Scenic Road Cider Co.

Located on a sprawling apple orchard is the family-run Scenic Road Cider Co. From the aromatic simplicity of the Bright Jenny cider to the tropical undertones of the Gingacho, a visit to Scenic Road Cider will offer you an enjoyable and authentic cider experience.

Tours and Experiences

There are several companies in Kelowna that provide tours, including visits to multiple breweries or cideries in a trip, allowing participants to sample a broad range of beverages while learning about the art of brewing and cider making. Tours provide the convenience of transport but also offer some insider knowledge and unique experiences.


Exploring Kelowna's craft beer and cider scene provides an incredible opportunity for both beginners and aficionados to understand the art of brewing, appreciate locally-sourced ingredients, and, most importantly, enjoy a variety of delicious, artisanal beverages.