The Evolution of Brewing in Kelowna

a group of beer glasses sitting on top of a wooden coaster on top of a table with a logo on it at Tree Brewing Beer Institute

Kelowna's brewing scene combines the city's rich heritage and a burgeoning thirst for innovation. The city has emerged as a hub of craft brewing artistry, offering a compelling narrative of taste and tradition.

Kelowna has long been celebrated for its viticulture, but its brewing history is equally rich. From its agricultural roots, the city has blossomed into a dynamic centre of technological advancement and fermentation craftsmanship. Pioneers in the local brewing industry, Kelowna Beer Institute, Tree Brewingand Freddy’s Brewpub, laid the foundation for a thriving beer culture, marking the start of a new era.

The Craft Beer Explosion

In recent years, Kelowna's craft beer scene has experienced a remarkable surge. The city, once dominated by chain restaurants and big box stores, is now home to a vibrant community of microbreweries, each contributing a unique flavour profile to the culinary landscape. The rapid growth of the industry is evident in the emergence of establishments like BNA Brewing Co., Kettle River Brewing Co., and Boundary Brewing Company, each carving out their distinct niche in the local market​.

Kelowna on the Craft Beer Map

Kelowna's ascent in the brewing world is a story of rapid expansion and community engagement. With 19 breweries contributing significantly to British Columbia's craft beer scene, the city has become a notable destination for beer enthusiasts. The recent proliferation of breweries in 2018, adding 12 new establishments, underscored Kelowna's growing reputation as a craft beer hotspot​.

The resilience of Kelowna's brewing industry shone brightly during challenging times. Pandemic restrictions and a renewed focus on health and safety led to creative adaptations, like the establishment of patios and collaborative ventures among breweries. These initiatives not only helped sustain the industry but also reinforced the role of breweries as community hubs, fostering a culture of support and partnership.

Notable Breweries and Their Unique Offerings

Among the standout names in Kelowna's craft beer scene is BNA Brewing, occupying a historically significant building and offering an array of unique beers, from the Pineapple & Habenero Wheat Ale to the Don't Lose Your Dinosaur (IPA). Kelowna Beer Institute, a regional pioneer, is celebrated for its seasonal specialties and classics like The Rambler. These breweries are always changing their offerings to keep it fresh and exemplify the diversity and quality that define Kelowna's craft beer scene​.


Kelowna's journey from its agricultural past to a modern hub of craft brewing and cider making is a testament to the city's spirit of innovation and community. The evolution of brewing in Kelowna paints a picture of a city not only rich in history but also brimming with contemporary creativity, offering a delightful and diverse experience for locals and visitors alike.