Exploring Kelowna's Craft Beer Scene: A Guide for Beer Enthusiasts

a wooden shelf filled with bottles and a whisk on top of a wooden wall next to a wooden wall, at Kelowna Beer Institute in Kelowna.
Kelowna Beer Institute

Kelowna sits on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake and is a city known for its lush vineyards, world-class ski resorts, and crystal-clear lake. But in recent years, the city has been making a name for itself in a different arena: craft beer. With brewmasters turning out creative drafts in a variety of styles and flavours, Kelowna's craft beer scene is flourishing, making it the ultimate destination for beer enthusiasts. Join us as we look into the uniqueness of the Kelowna craft beer scene.

The Rise of Craft Breweries

In the last decade, the number of craft breweries in Kelowna has surged, each one with its own unique personality and selection of beers. Whether it's experimenting with different ingredients to create bold flavours or drawing inspiration from the surrounding landscape, these breweries are producing quality beers that are gaining recognition both locally and internationally.

Why this sudden explosion of craft beer in Kelowna? It's a combination of a few factors. The city's love for local and small-batch products, a growing foodie culture that appreciates nuanced tasting experiences, and an entrepreneurial spirit among Kelownians have all contributed to the flourishing beer scene.

A Tour of Kelowna's Notable Craft Breweries

Kelowna Beer Institute

Overlooking Okanagan Lake, Kelowna Beer Institute is one of the pioneers in Kelowna's craft beer industry. Their meticulous brewing process and quality ingredients result in a wide variety of beers that offer something for everyone, from hoppy IPAs to robust stouts.

BNA Brewing Co.

Located in a historic building in downtown Kelowna, BNA Brewing Co. pairs its impressive beer lineup with a contemporary and cool ambiance. Their selection of creative craft beers are as diverse and interesting as their space which includes a bowling alley.

The Allure of Craft Beer Festivals

An exciting part of Kelowna's beer culture are the numerous beer festivals that take over the city throughout the year. Great Okanagan Beer Festival is one such popular event where local favourites, as well as breweries from around BC and across Canada, showcase their finest drafts to thirsty crowds.

Pairing Beer with Local Cuisine

No beer experience would be complete without food. In Kelowna, locally sourced cuisines and craft beer make for perfect companions. Many local breweries offer pairing suggestions on their menus. Trying out these recommended pairings offers beer enthusiasts an opportunity to really experience the flavors of the beer, as the food can bring out nuances you might not notice otherwise.


If you’re a lover of craft beer and looking for the next city to visit, Kelowna should be at the top of your list. This destination showcases a unique and thriving beer scene that combines exceptional brews, made with local ingredients, with a stunning and welcoming city. Exploring Kelowna's craft beer scene is not just an opportunity to taste some quality ales and lagers, it’s a chance to experience the city's spirit in the most delicious and entertaining way possible.