Brewery Hopping: A Weekend Itinerary in Kelowna

a wooden shelf filled with bottles and a whisk on top of a wooden wall next to a wooden wall, at Kelowna Beer Institute in Kelowna.
Kelowna Beer Institute

Kelowna's craft beer scene offers many unique flavours and experiences, perfect for a weekend of exploration and enjoyment. This guide offers a meticulously crafted itinerary for those looking to immerse themselves in the local brewery culture.

Day 1: Exploring the Downtown & Cultural District

Morning: Breakfast at a Local Café

To prepare, consider kicking off your brewery hopping adventure with a hearty brunch in Kelowna. The Curious Cafe, known for its best wood-fired pizza and a delightful array of brunch options, offers a cozy start to your day. Opt for their Famous Curios Classic or the Eggs Benny, paired with a latte or espresso.

First Brewery: BNA Brewing Co.

Make your first brewery stop at BNA Brewing Co., located in Kelowna’s cultural district. This artistic space blends old wood, bricks, and an eclectic mix of furniture, creating an inviting atmosphere. Don't miss their unique beer offerings like the Animal and Purple Rain, or the ACE for a truly distinctive taste​.

Lunch and Second Brewery: Kelowna Beer Institute

After a morning of exploration, head to the Kelowna Beer Institute for lunch. This spot is an educational journey into the craft of brewing. Savour their Guava Flow or Hibiscus Lemonale, and don't forget to try their freshly-made pizza​.

Evening: Dinner and Accommodation Suggestions

Conclude your day with a dinner at one of the local eateries, followed by a stay at either the Royal Anne Hotel or Hotel Zed, both within walking distance of several breweries​.

Day 2: The North End Brewery Crawl

Morning: Casual Breakfast

Start your day with a casual breakfast at a local diner, fuelling up for the brewery crawl ahead.

First Brewery: Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

Begin your crawl at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co., located in the north end district. This minimalist tasting room offers must-try beers like The White Lie Pilsner and The Giver Pale Ale​.

Second Brewery: Jackknife Brewing

Continue to Jackknife Brewing, where the use of obscure yeast strains and archaic brewing methods result in some of the most unique beers in Kelowna. Their Wizard Sticks and Arcane are not to be missed​.

Third Brewery: Red Bird Brewing

Round off your crawl at Red Bird Brewing, where live music and a selection of classic and unique beers await. Their Antipsipation IPA and Lady Of The Lake Lager are standout choices​.

Evening: Relaxing Dinner

After an eventful crawl, enjoy a relaxing dinner in the North End, soaking in the lively brewery scene.

Day 3: The West Kelowna Trail

Morning: Brunch at a Local Favorite

Begin your final day with brunch at one of Kelowna's beloved spots, such as Bohemian Café & Catering Co. or Sunny’s. Indulge in dishes like Huevos Rancheros or the unique Chicks on a Raft for a fulfilling start​.

First Brewery: The Hatching Post

Head to The Hatching Post in West Kelowna, where southern-style BBQ and handcrafted beers create a perfect pairing. Try their Parlor Tricks or Pinkerton Sour, alongside classic BBQ dishes​.

Second Brewery: Lakesider Brewing

Continue to Lakesider Brewing, a modern spot housed in a brick building. Their Beach Day Pale Ale and Okanagan Special Euro Pilsner are among the must-try brews.

Dinner Options and Optional Activities

For dinner, explore local dining options in West Kelowna, and if time allows, visit additional attractions in the area.

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Journey

Reflect on your brewery hopping journey through Kelowna, remembering the unique flavours and experiences at each stop. Remember to drink responsibly and consider transportation options for a safe and enjoyable experience. This weekend itinerary provides a guide to experiencing Kelowna's brewery scene, ensuring a delightful and flavour-packed adventure for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.