Patio Pints: Kelowna's Best Brewery Patios

a row of wooden benches sitting next to each other near a building with a mural on the side of it at Kettle River Brewing in Kelowna.
Kettle River Brewing

Kelowna's brewery scene is as diverse as the city itself, with each establishment offering a unique experience, especially those boasting inviting outdoor patios perfect for enjoying a pint in the sunshine.

BNA Brewing Co.

Located in downtown Kelowna, BNA Brewing Co. presents an eclectic blend of fun, food, and frothy beers. Its multi-level establishment includes a pet-friendly patio, making it an ideal spot for both pet owners and beer enthusiasts. The brewery takes pride in its 10 house-made beers, with the ACE Pale Ale and 76 Wolverine standing out as fan favourites. The ambience, marked by the building’s restored brick elegance, creates a welcoming and lively atmosphere that resonates with both locals and visitors.

Rustic Reel Brewing Company

Rustic Reel Brewing Company, a one-woman show by Susi Foerg, captures the spirit of the Okanagan with its unique brews and south-facing, pet-friendly patio. The brewery's Raspberry Hibiscus Sour beer showcases its innovative approach, catering to a diverse clientele. The setting exudes a carefree, cabin-living vibe with a modern twist, making it a charming retreat for beer lovers.

Kettle River Brewing

Located in Kelowna’s burgeoning North-end brewery district, Kettle River Brewing stands out with its eclectic tasting room and spacious, dog-friendly patio. This microbrewery is renowned for its ever-evolving range of small-batch craft beers, such as the popular Cougar’s Hand Red IPA. The brewery provides a cozy, casual atmosphere where guests can relish both the beverages and the ambience.

Kelowna Beer Institute

In Kelowna’s Cultural District, the Kelowna Beer Institute is a place for beer purists. The brewery’s tank-to-tap method ensures the freshest unfiltered beers, served straight from their tanks. The rooftop patio offers a unique vantage point to enjoy these delicacies, with The Guava Flow Ale being a notable mention. The beer-inspired menu adds an extra layer of appeal, featuring pizzas and sandwiches made with grain from the brewing process.

Vice & Virtue Brewing Co.

Vice & Virtue Brewing Co. adds a twist to the local brewery scene by incorporating fruits into their beer recipes. This creative approach results in unique and refreshing beers, like the Currant Affair Black Currant Sour and Love Potion Raspberry Berliner Vice. The brewery pairs these innovative beers with a delicious smoked meat menu, creating the perfect food-beverage harmony.

Copper Brewing Company

A relatively new addition to Kelowna's beer scene, Copper Brewing, known as "Darla’s Living Room," offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The brewery features a taproom where guests can enjoy popular beers like the Blackcurrant Sour and Copper Lager while engaging in games or petting the resident Bernese Mountain Dog, Porter.

Red Bird Brewing

Red Bird Brewing's extensive renovation in 2022 transformed it into a Kelowna powerhouse. Its world-class patio, boasting ample seating and frequent events, is perfect for enjoying their wide range of beers and pizzas. The brewery's connection to Kelowna's history adds a unique local flavour to the experience.

Barn Owl Brewing

Set in a 1921 heritage barn in the Lower Mission area, Barn Owl Brewing offers a rustic and sustainable brewery experience. Their environmentally friendly BREWHA brewing system that uses less water, chemicals, and energy, coupled with a quaint setting featuring antique furniture and live bands, makes it a must-visit. Beers like the Wise Owl Nitro Stout and Don’t Give a Hoot Pale Ale are popular choices among patrons.

Jackknife Brewing

Known for its "weird beer" and classic pizza, Jackknife Brewing features a small patio that offers a surprising escape in the city's north end. The brewery's distinct approach to crafting beers, like the Hair Straight Back Spruce Tip Pale Ale and Hammer of Doom Canadian Imperial Stout, makes it a standout in Kelowna's brewery district.

Shoreline Brewing Co.

Located on the shores of Okanagan Lake, Shoreline Brewing Co. offers a nice setting to enjoy their locally inspired brews. With views of the beach and mountains, the brewery creates an idyllic backdrop for savouring beers like the seasonal Smashin Pumpkin Ale or the Find Your Peach – Peach Wheat Ale.

Kelowna Brewing Company

Close to UBC Okanagan, Kelowna Brewing Company offers a unique experience with its huge patio overlooking the fertile valley. This student-friendly brewery is ideal for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere with games and beers like the Scotch Ale and Trader's Cove IPA.

Freddy’s Brew Pub

Freddy’s Brew Pub combines the fun of bowling with the pleasure of beer tasting. Known for its lively atmosphere, complete with live music and comedy nights, the pub is a popular spot for enjoying beers like the No Pants Pilsner. The recent renovations have enhanced its charm, making it an excellent destination for both beer aficionados and bowling enthusiasts.

Unleashed Brewing

Embracing a love for dogs and adventure, Unleashed Brewing in the North-end Brewery District is quickly becoming a favourite for both beer and dog lovers. The brewery is known for its welcoming atmosphere and unique brews like the Boxer Pout Milk Stout. It's an excellent spot for those looking to enjoy quality beers in the company of their furry friends.

The Office Brewery

The Office Brewery offers a unique twist on the traditional brewery experience. With its cheeky beer names and a wide range of delicious bites and shareables, it's designed to be the perfect place to unwind. It's a great spot to enjoy a variety of craft beers, including the Pencil Pusher Pilsner and Photocopy IPA.


Kelowna's brewery scene offers a delightful mix of unique flavours, charming settings, and a sense of community. These breweries with their outstanding patios provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy a pint under the sun.