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Exploring the Lesser-Known Beaches of Kelowna

A wooden bench under a tree facing a calm lake with a pier and forested hills in the background on a sunny day.

Kelowna, a city celebrated for its active urban life, also harbours serene escapes along the shores of Okanagan Lake. Here are some of those tranquil retreats, the lesser-known beaches, where relaxation and the gentle lap of waves await.

Rotary Beach Park

A stone's throw south of Boyce-Gyro Beach lies Rotary Beach Park, a more secluded counterpart. This spot entices with its sandy shore and buoyed swimming area, offering a peaceful respite from the bustling city. Families and couples love it both for the sunbathing and for the excitement of water sports, ranging from kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding to the more thrilling windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The park is also equipped with ample amenities. Picnic areas shaded by tall trees, a playground for the little ones, accessible trails, and a convenient washroom make it a family-friendly destination. And for those needing assistance, a beach wheelchair is available, ensuring everyone can enjoy the beach to its fullest​.

Bertram Creek Regional Park

Bertram Creek Regional Park, along Lakeshore Drive, is a hidden treasure. Spread over 17 hectares, it's a perfect blend of nature and recreation. The park doesn't allow dogs, preserving its tranquil atmosphere. Its pebble beach, boat launch, dock, and various walking trails invite you to explore and unwind in a quiet corner of Kelowna.

The park is a complete outdoor experience with picnic tables, a playing field, an outdoor amphitheatre, and a pavilion. It's a favourite spot for bird watching, where you might spot some of British Columbia's unique wildlife​.

Strathcona Beach Park

Tucked away in a quiet residential area near Kelowna General Hospital, Strathcona Beach Park offers a peaceful beach experience. This small yet charming park, spanning 0.71 hectares, features a sandy beach ideal for a day of relaxation under the sun.

It's a perfect spot for families and couples, complete with a playground for children, large grassy areas for picnics, and a clean washroom facility. The absence of dogs adds to the calm ambiance, making it a perfect spot for those seeking a quiet day by the lake​​.

Paul’s Tomb

For an adventurous twist, Paul’s Tomb offers more than just a beach; it's a journey. Located within Knox Mountain, a popular hiking and biking area in Kelowna, the trail to Paul’s Tomb is a 5 km hike that promises scenic beauty and a touch of history. The trail, suitable for families and cyclists, winds down to a rocky beach, caves, intriguing rock formations and takes around an hour and a half to complete.

While the beach at Paul’s Tomb is rockier compared to others, it compensates with clear waters and an opportunity to explore underwater life, making it an exciting spot for diving enthusiasts​ with a Ogopogo statue and a couple shipwrecks.


Kelowna's lesser-known beaches offer a varied palette of experiences, from serene sandy shores to rocky retreats rich in natural beauty. Each of these locations has its unique charm, inviting visitors to explore beyond the well-trodden paths and discover the quieter side of Kelowna's lakeside allure. These beaches provide a perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation, adventure, and unforgettable memories by the waters of Okanagan Lake.