Lake Activities

Water Aerobics and Swimming Workouts in Kelowna

A wooden staircase leads down to the pebbled shore of a serene lake surrounded by mountains under a partly cloudy sky.


Kelowna's Okanagan Lake, with its serene waters and gorgeous surroundings, serves as a natural aquatic fitness centre. Here are some insights into the health benefits and community offerings of water aerobics and open water swimming in Kelowna, turning the spotlight on a less explored aspect of this beautiful region.

Water Aerobics in Kelowna

The YMCA of Southern Interior BC in Kelowna offers an array of water aerobics classes designed to cater to different fitness levels and needs. From Gentle Aqua, ideal for those with chronic pain or recovering from surgery, to Deep Aqua, which involves floating movements with a flotation belt, there's a class for everyone. Intro Aqua is perfect for beginners, while Shallow Aqua, conducted in 4 feet of water, provides a sense of security and familiarity. For expectant mothers, Prenatal Aqua integrates exercises accommodating both fitness levels and baby bumps.

Holistic Health Benefits

Water aerobics is a holistic health journey. The low-impact nature of the workout makes it joint-friendly, particularly beneficial for those with arthritis or recovering from injuries. It also fosters community, providing a social environment that's especially valuable for older adults. Mentally, it's stimulating, with routines that promote neural pathway development, essential for brain health. It's a full-body workout, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, and serves as excellent cross-training for other sports. Importantly, it builds core strength, crucial for everyday activities, and improves mobility and flexibility, offering a safe space to stretch and move.

Invigorating Open Water Experiences

Okanagan Lake, with its vast, open waters, is a place for swimming enthusiasts. The lake hosts the Kelowna Across the Lake Swim, the largest and longest-running open water swim event in Canada. The event, which will be held on July 20th, 2024, challenges participants to a 2.1km swim across the lake.

Extensive Health Benefits

Open water swimming in Kelowna offers significant health advantages. It can lead to better sleep due to the increase in prolactin levels. The activity also elevates mood, thanks to hormonal changes that occur during swimming. It's known to boost the immune system, especially when training in cooler waters. Furthermore, it's good for your heart as it is effective in reducing both total cholesterol and triglycerides. Swimming also helps burn calories, relieve stress and boost your overall energy.


Water aerobics and open water swimming in Kelowna offer more than just physical fitness; they provide a pathway to improved overall health and a sense of community. With Okanagan Lake's breathtaking backdrop, these activities are not only beneficial but also immensely enjoyable, making Kelowna a premier destination for aquatic fitness enthusiasts.