Farmers' Markets

Family Fun at Kelowna's Farmer's Markets

A family hiking outdoors near a lake, with two adults giving piggyback rides to two children, surrounded by a scenic forest.

The Farmers' and Crafters' Market is a collection of local culture and community spirit. This bustling market, located in Kerry Park and along Bernard Avenue, is a mix of colours and scents, offering everything from handmade crafts to mouth-watering baked goods and farm-fresh produce. This market is a Sunday sanctuary for those who cherish the richness of local craftsmanship and agricultural bounty.

Accessibility is a breeze, with the market's prime location close to public transit routes and ample parking within a leisurely five-minute stroll. Operating every Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm throughout the summer months (June to September), the market is a weekly celebration of Kelowna's local talent and agricultural prowess.

Family-Friendly Activities

The market has an abundance of family-friendly activities. Artisans and crafters display their creativity through a myriad of handmade items, while bakers offer a delightful array of pastries and bread that tickle the taste buds. The presence of food trucks ensures that no family outing is complete without savouring the local flavours, accompanied by a refreshing beverage. For the fruit and vegetable aficionados, the market is a cornucopia of seasonal produce, bursting with freshness.

Adding to the market's charm is the symphony of live music that fills the air, creating an ambiance of joy and festivity. Families can meander through the stalls, enjoying the tunes while exploring the market's offerings. The market is also thoughtfully designed to be wheelchair accessible, ensuring that everyone can partake in the joyous market experience. Various payment options, including market money, cash, and cards, are accepted by many vendors, with ATMs conveniently located nearby for ease of transaction.

Special Attractions for Children

A stone's throw away from the market, in Heritage Park, lies an epic playground that promises endless fun for the younger visitors. This playground, a wonderland for children, serves as the perfect complement to the market's allure. Here, kids can revel in play while parents soak in the market's lively atmosphere. This unique combination of shopping and playtime ensures a fulfilling and enjoyable day out for the entire family.

Seasonal and Special Events

The Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market is renowned for its festive spirit and seasonal celebrations. Visitors can expect an ever-changing array of events and activities that reflect the dynamism of Kelowna's community and the changing seasons. These events, often featuring unique local products and special activities, provide families with an opportunity to engage with the community and experience the local culture in a lively, festive setting.

Tips for Families

To maximize the family outing experience, it's advisable to plan your visit. Mornings are often less crowded, offering a more relaxed experience. Families are encouraged to bring reusable bags for their purchases, sunscreen for sunny days, and perhaps a picnic blanket to enjoy snacks in the adjacent park. Staying hydrated and wearing comfortable footwear is also recommended for a day of exploration and enjoyment.


Kelowna's Farmers' and Crafters' Market is more than just a market; it's a community hub brimming with local flavors, crafts, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It's a place where families can create lasting memories, immerse themselves in the local culture, and enjoy the fruits of local artisans and farmers.