Farmers' Markets

Healthy Eating Made Easy: Kelowna’s Farmers' Markets' Fresh Choices

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Kelowna Farmer's and Crafter's Market

Kelowna's Farmers' Markets is a place for those pursuing a fresh, nutritious diet. Let's explore how these markets offer a cornucopia of healthy options, connecting the community with the very best of local agriculture.

Kelowna’s Farmers' Markets Overview

In Kelowna, the Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market operates year-round, transforming local shopping into a celebration of freshness and variety. The Winter Market takes place at Parkinson Rec Centre, while the Main Outdoor Market and Satellite Market at Kerry Park, open during the warmer months, bring together many types of local produce and artisanal goods.

Diverse Offerings at the Markets

In Kelowna's markets you can find everything from 36 flavours of dried soup mixes catering to various dietary preferences, to a rich assortment of organic vegetables like carrots and garlic. Local farms offer daily-picked vegetables and fruits, including unique items such as Haskap berries, known for their health benefits. The markets also feature homemade sourdough breads, gourmet perogies, and a wide range of organic vegetables and fruits, ensuring that every visit brings a new, delightful discovery.

Health Benefits of Farmers' Market Produce

The produce at Kelowna’s farmers' markets is both fresh, and a powerhouse of nutrition. Locally grown and harvested, these fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients compared to those that endure long transportation and storage times. The markets offer an array of in-season, often organically grown foods, providing cost-effective, nutrient-rich options. This direct farm-to-table approach not only supports a healthy diet but also fosters a deeper understanding of food origins and cultivation methods.

Community and Economic Impact

Farmers' markets in Kelowna are more than just food hubs; they're vital to the community's fabric. They support local economies by keeping money within the community, creating jobs, and fostering connections among residents. These markets serve as platforms for local farmers to share their expertise, contributing to a resilient local food system.

Environmental Benefits

The environmental impact of Kelowna's farmers' markets is profound. By reducing the 'food miles' associated with long-distance transportation, these markets minimize the use of natural resources and decrease carbon emissions. Sustainable farming practices, such as those employed by Wise Earth Farm and Curly Frog Farm, further enhance the environmental benefits, emphasizing eco-friendly and healthy food production.


Kelowna's farmers' markets are a lifestyle choice. They offer an abundance of health benefits, support the local economy and community, and contribute positively to the environment. These markets are a statement to the city's commitment to sustainable, healthy living, and they invite everyone to be a part of this thriving, nutritious journey.