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Going Organic: Exploring Kelowna's Organic Farms

Fresh produce for sale at the Summerland
Kari Medig

Introduction: The Gateway to Organic Lifestyle

The organic movement continues to grow every year, with more and more people looking to invest in a healthier, more responsible way of life. The city of Kelowna hosts many stunning organic farms that help the community move towards this objective. These farms not only offer delicious, nutrient-rich, chemical-free produce, but they also offer a private look into the meticulous process of organic farming.

The Organic Difference

But what does 'organic' really mean? Briefly, organic farming is a methodology of farming that pays close attention to nature. It shies away from artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms, focusing instead on producing food in ecologically friendly, sustainable ways. The key is a deep-rooted respect for biodiversity focusing on soil health, water management and energy conservation.

Exploring the Dynamic Organic Farms

Kelowna is rich in organic farming, with various farms offering unique experiences to residents and tourists alike.

Davison Orchards

Renowned for their apples, Davison Orchards provides some of the tastiest organic apple varieties through natural cultivation methods. Their apples are free of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs. Apart from apples, they also offer a variety of other in-season organic fruits and vegetables that are just as delectable.

Claremont Ranch Organics

Claremont Ranch Organics is a family-owned farm that offers certified organic tree fruits, including cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, apples and pears. The beautiful farm, sitting on the East side of Okanagan Lake, is a must-visit. The family believes in not only growing but also educating visitors about organic farming. They have opened their farms to the public, offering tours and a chance to pick their own fruits.

Sunshine Farm

Sunshine Farm is a unique, diversified organic farm that is part working farm, part experimental gardening station. Managed and operated by a mother-daughter duo, the farm specializes in heirloom and unusual vegetable varieties which are not typically found in a regular supermarket.

Savouring the Organic Goodness

An organic lifestyle is about the purchasing process and savouring the goodness of fresh, wholesome food. Kelowna's organic farms often sell directly to consumers through farm stands, farmers' markets, co-ops, and also through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.

Eating organic fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm is not only an incredibly satisfying experience, but it also contributes to local economies, reduces carbon footprint and helps promote sustainability.

Promoting Sustainability

The myriad of organic farms in Kelowna are not only conserving the environment by reducing the load of chemical inputs but also playing a major role in promoting local and sustainable living. They are helping recharge the local economy, protect local lands, and conserve biodiversity.

Running the Organic Mile

Transitional periods can be tough, but when it comes to shifting toward an organic lifestyle, the change is more of a journey. Instead of rushing, it is advised to take small steps and gradually increase the proportion of organic foods in your diet. Start by visiting local organic farms like the ones in Kelowna, meet the farmers, understand their philosophy and then start incorporating organic foods into your everyday life.

Kelowna's organic farming scene offers a marvellous peek into the world of organic agriculture. It is both about healthier food and a healthier lifestyle altogether. A visit to these amazing places offers a unique experience to learn, understand, and taste organic farming at its best.