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Group Wine Tours in Kelowna: Social Tasting Adventures

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Kelowna's group wine tours offer an unforgettable blend of scenic beauty, exquisite wines, and shared experiences. Here's a curated selection of wine tours tailored for social gatherings, ensuring every sip comes with a view and every taste brings a memory.

Lake Country Scenic Wine Tour With Wine Tasting Experience

Experience the breathtaking landscape of Lake Country, just a stone's throw from the Kelowna International Airport. This 4-hour journey immerses you in the rolling hills and expansive views of the Scenic Sip Wine Trail. Here, the harmony of landscape and vineyard comes to life, offering a palette of flavours as diverse as the scenery. With a capacity to accommodate groups ranging from intimate gatherings to bustling parties of up to 28, this tour promises a personalized experience for every participant.

The Lake Country region, renowned for its stunning vistas and exceptional wines, creates an ambiance perfect for socializing. This tour offers an array of tasting experiences that cater to every palate. The combination of awe-inspiring scenery and the region's finest wines ensures that your group's adventure is both a tasting and a celebration of the senses.

Sunset Sip Wine Tour

As the day wanes, the Sunset Sip Wine Tour beckons groups to indulge in the romantic transition from daylight to dusk. Lasting between 4 and 5 hours, this tour is a journey through the award-winning wines of Lake Country or West Kelowna, paired with an authentic winery Bistro experience. It's a sensory feast, blending the taste of fine wines with the breathtaking beauty of Okanagan sunsets.

Suited for groups up to 28, this tour is an intimate affair, perfect for those who seek a blend of culinary delights and scenic splendour. The sun setting over the vineyards provides a backdrop that enhances the wine-tasting experience, making each sip a memory etched against the canvas of the Okanagan sky. This tour is an ideal choice for those looking to combine the pleasures of wine tasting with the magic of an Okanagan sunset.

West Kelowna Wine Tours

West Kelowna offers a spectrum of wine tours, from half-day escapades to full-day explorations. These tours, lasting around 6 hours, are a journey through the rolling hills and stunning vistas of the Westside Wine Trail. The full-day tour offers an extensive exploration of the region's award-winning wineries, while the half-day tour provides a concise, yet equally enchanting experience.

Catering to groups as large as 28, these tours are a gateway to some of the most mouth-watering wines in the region. The landscape of West Kelowna, with its panoramic views and lush vineyards, serves as the perfect setting for social gatherings. Whether your group seeks a comprehensive wine country experience or a shorter, yet impactful tour, West Kelowna's wine trails offer an array of options to suit any preference.

East Kelowna Wine Tour

The East Kelowna Wine Tour is a journey through history and flavour. Lasting 6 hours, this tour explores the historic wine country along the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake. The region, famed for its fertile vineyards set amidst cherry and apple orchards, offers a variety of award-winning wines. With a group size range of 2 to 28, this tour provides a versatile option for any social gathering.

The wines of East Kelowna reflect the rich heritage and diverse terroir of the area. Each vineyard visited tells a part of Kelowna's wine story, offering a tasting experience that is as educational as it is delightful. For groups interested in exploring the historical roots of Kelowna's wine culture, the East Kelowna Wine Tour offers a blend of scenic beauty and viticultural richness.


Kelowna’s wine tours offer diverse and enriching experiences for groups of all sizes. These tours not only showcase the region's exquisite wines but also offer a chance to create lasting memories with friends, family, or colleagues. So gather your group, select a tour, and embark on a social wine tasting adventure that celebrates the best of Kelowna's wine country.