Scenic Pit Stops: Must-Visit Places on Your Motorbike

Driving through Knox Mountain Drive in Kelowna
Tanya Goehring

Motorbike enthusiasts, prepare to rev up your engines and embark on an unforgettable journey through Kelowna's landscapes. From shimmering lakes to lush vineyards and rugged mountains, embark on a scenic odyssey, pinpointing must-visit pit stops that will enhance your riding experience. Let's throttle into this adventure and discover the charm of Kelowna's great outdoors.

The Okanagan Valley Route

Cruising along a road that unfolds in the Okanagan region, this route is a gateway to some of the most spectacular views in Canada. Envision yourself riding alongside the shimmering Okanagan Lake, with crystal-clear waters on one side and majestic mountains on the other. This journey is a symphony of natural beauty and culture, offering breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Kelowna's City Park

Next door to downtown Kelowna, the City Park awaits as a verdant oasis. This well-maintained green space, brimming with amenities, is perfect for a relaxing break. Picture a swim in the lake, a stroll through playgrounds, and the joy of summer activities. It's a community hub where the spirit of Kelowna shines.

Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Myra Canyon Adventure Park offers an adrenaline-packed interlude. Here, you can take a break to zip-line through trees, navigate tree-top courses, and conquer climbing routes. It's a destination that promises excitement and panoramic views in equal measure.

Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

Located in South Pandosy, Boyce-Gyro Beach Park is the perfect spot to unwind. This beach park is bustling with energy, from paddleboard rentals to beach volleyball. It's a place where the joy of summer is palpable, and the lake's cool embrace is just a few steps away.

Vernon to Kelowna to Penticton

The journey from Vernon to Kelowna, to Penticton, is a ribbon of road that weaves through some of the most stunning landscapes. It's where the natural beauty of lakeside vistas and mountain scenery meets the cultivated elegance of vineyards.

Kalamalka Lake

As you ride south from Vernon, make a stop at Kekuli Bay Provincial Park to marvel at Kalamalka Lake. This unique body of water, known for its bright blue hues, is a photographer's dream. The lake's colours, a spectacle created by limestone deposits, change with the seasons, offering a new view each time you visit.

Okanagan Rail Trail

For those seeking a change of pace, the Okanagan Rail Trail offers a scenic detour. Rent an electric bike and explore this discontinued railway corridor, now transformed into a stunning trail. It's a journey through time and nature, with every pedal bringing a fresh view.

Myra Canyon to Penticton

The stretch from Myra Canyon to Penticton showcases Canada's rich history and natural splendour. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail here is a path through time, with its historic trestles and tunnels offering a glimpse into the past.

Myra Canyon Trestles

The highlight of this section is the Myra Canyon Trestles. Hiking or biking through this area, you're treated to an unparalleled view of the wilderness and canyon. It's an immersive experience, where history and nature coalesce, and each trestle bridge you cross tells a story.

Skaha Lake to Oliver

If you wish to continue your journey, Skaha Lake near Penticton presents an entirely different landscape. The Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park is perfect for rock climbers and hikers alike. It's ancient cliffs and diverse wildlife offer a rugged contrast to the city life you've just passed.

Vaseux Lake

As you head towards Oliver, make a stop at Vaseux Lake. This spot is ideal for bird watchers and nature lovers. The area around Oliver, known as the Wine Capital of Canada, invites you to indulge in some wine tasting, adding a flavourful pause to your journey.


Motorbiking through Kelowna is an exploration of the senses. Each stop along the way offers a unique blend of nature, adventure, and relaxation. So, gear up and set off on this scenic journey, where every pit stop is a new discovery, and the road ahead is filled with the promise of breathtaking beauty.