Seasonal Splendours: The Best Kelowna Hikes for Each Season

A person standing on a rock overlooking the scenic mountains and water in Peachland.


In Kelowna, the hiking trails don't just follow the contours of the land—they dance with the seasons, each step in sync with nature's rhythm. Here, every season paints a new backdrop, creating a year-round outdoor gallery for adventurers. From the fresh blossoms of spring to the snow-dusted paths of winter, Kelowna's trails are an open invitation to witness nature's transformative beauty.

Spring Hikes

As spring breathes new life into Kelowna, trails like Johns Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park come alive with wildlife and scenic vistas. Small yellow flowers speckle the landscape, signaling the rebirth of nature. Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park offers a delightful mix of easy and challenging trails, all providing stunning lake views and an embrace of the season's freshness​. Another springtime hike is Knox Mountain, a place of natural beauty offering a spectacular view over the lake and city, easily accessible from downtown Kelowna​.

Summer Hikes

Summer in Kelowna turns the great outdoors into a sun-drenched playground. Knox Mountain Park, a pinnacle of downtown Kelowna, offers panoramic views of Okanagan Lake and a variety of trails for all skill levels​. For a historic twist, the Myra Canyon Trestles trail, perched along the old Kettle Valley Railway, presents a scenic journey through time with its trestle bridges and tunnels, perfect for walking or cycling​.

Autumn Hikes

Autumn in Kelowna is a spectacle of colour. Trails like Mission Creek Greenway & Scenic Canyon Regional Park become canvases of crimson, gold, and oranges​. For a geologically fascinating hike, Angel Springs reveals unique formations and natural heated underground springs set against a backdrop of fall colours​. In Glen Canyon Regional Park, a network of trails winds through fall foliage, offering spectacular lake views​.

Winter Hikes

Winter transforms Kelowna's trails into serene, snowy escapes. Spion Kop Hiking Trails weave through the hills above Lake Country, offering varied trails suitable for different abilities and stunning views of the surrounding lakes​. John's Family Nature Conservancy Regional Park features the Lebanon Creek trail, a 4 km trek to Cedar Mountain with enchanting winter landscape views​. Mill Creek Regional Park is known for its frozen waterfall in winter, presenting a unique hiking experience, though caution is advised on its icy paths.

Kelowna’s trails offer a unique blend of experiences, changing with the seasons yet always inviting. Whether cloaked in spring flowers, bathed in summer sun, framed by autumn leaves, or blanketed in winter snow, these trails promise an ever-changing adventure. Embrace each season’s unique splendour and let Kelowna's trails guide you through the beauty of the natural world.