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The Art of Wine: Kelowna Wineries with Art Exhibitions and Galleries

a group of three paintings on display in a room with a wooden ceiling and a wooden table in front of them at Grizzli Winery in Kelowna
Grizzli Winery

Kelowna offers an enchanting blend of viniculture and visual arts; this piece explores two of Kelowna’s premier wineries that not only produce world-class wines but also celebrate creativity through engaging art exhibitions and events.

Grizzli Winery Art Gallery

Grizzli Winery, a notable name in West Kelowna, doubles as a cultural hub, showcasing stunning art exhibitions alongside its exquisite wines. The Grizzli Art Gallery regularly rotates its collections, offering visitors a fresh and immersive experience with each visit.

One of the gallery’s standout exhibitions was 'IN HER EYES,' featuring the works of four talented Okanagan artists. This exhibition exemplified the gallery's commitment to spotlighting local talent and offering a diverse range of artistic expressions. Accompanied by live music from the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra Quartet and an opportunity to meet the artists, the event created a harmonious blend of art and wine.

Grizzli Winery goes beyond traditional art showcases. They host a variety of events throughout the year, including live music sessions, culinary showcases, and charity art auctions. These events, such as the ‘Happy Hour Live Music’ series and the ‘Culinary and Icewine Showcase,’ offer a dynamic atmosphere where guests can enjoy fine wine and local culture.

The Vibrant Vine

The Vibrant Vine presents a unique experience where art leaps off the walls and into your glass. This family-owned winery, led by Wyn and Marion Lewis and their children, Anthony and Leigh, exudes creativity and passion. Winning global recognition for its 'Woops' blend, The Vibrant Vine is a staple in Kelowna’s wine scene.

What sets The Vibrant Vine apart is its status as the world's only 3D Art Winery. Guests are greeted with polarized sunglasses to view the 3D art pieces that adorn the winery, creating a multi-sensory experience that is both innovative and immersive. This approach to art not only enhances the ambiance but also invites visitors to engage with the artwork in a novel way.

The winery’s commitment to culture extends to its event lineup. ‘Vibes at the Vine’ is a series of live music performances featuring a range of local artists, held on the main lawn in summer or in Jacko’s Underground Lounge during winter. The availability of snacks like pizzas and Woopsicles complements the laid-back, yet lively atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for relaxation and enjoyment.

Kelowna's wine scene offers exceptional wines, as well as providing a cultural rendezvous where art and wine coalesce. Grizzli Winery and The Vibrant Vine are exemplary in their fusion of the visual arts with the art of winemaking, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience.