Farmers' Markets

The Early Bird’s Guide to Kelowna’s Farmers' & Crafters' Market

A person holding a bag of fresh vegetables including cauliflower, garlic, lettuce, and leeks at a market in Penticton.


In Kelowna, the local farmers' markets emerge as a blend of fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and community spirit. These markets, vibrant and bustling from dawn, offer an immersive experience for those seeking the freshest and finest locally-sourced goods. As an early bird, you're not just shopping; you're stepping into a lively tableau of Kelowna's rich agricultural offerings.

Kelowna’s Farmers' Markets Through the Seasons

Kelowna's farmers' markets are seasonal celebrations.

Spring (April to June)

In spring, the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market in the Landmark District comes alive. The melting snow ushers in a bounty of leafy greens, herbs, and the tart zing of rhubarb, complemented by an array of honey, eggs, and baked treats. Artisans add colour with handmade jewelry and pottery, creating a stunning atmosphere.

Summer (June to September)

Summer shifts the produce available from the Downtown Kelowna Farmers' Market. Here, a cornucopia of cherries, peaches, tomatoes, and corn awaits, alongside live music, artisan stalls, and tantalizing street food.

Fall (September to November)

As the air crisps, the market brims with root vegetables, apples, pears, and squash. Fall's palette is enriched with pumpkin patches and autumn-themed goods like apple cider and cozy knitwear.

Winter (December to March)

Even in winter's chill, the community's warmth pervades the Winter Market at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. Amidst hearty root vegetables and holiday crafts, you'll find comfort foods perfect for cold days.

Benefits of Early Visits

Freshness and Selection

As an early bird, you get unparalleled access to the freshest produce and goods. The early hours ensure that you can pick from the best selection, as popular items often sell out quickly.

Smaller Crowds

Early mornings also mean fewer people, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience, unhindered by the busyness of peak hours.

Tips for Early Birds

Timing is Key

The markets typically open at 8 am on Wednesdays and Saturdays, offering the freshest options to early visitors.

Plan Ahead

Checking the market’s social media or website can inform you about special events or new products available that day.

Be Weather-Ready

Depending on the season, dress appropriately to make your market experience comfortable, whether it means sun hats for summer or warm coats for winter.

Shopping Strategies

List and Flexibility

Prepare a list but remain open to the seasonal offerings that might not be on your radar.

Building Relationships

Engage with vendors. Their stories and tips can enrich your shopping experience and might even lead to better deals.

Budget Wisely

While exploring, be mindful of your budget. Carry cash, as some vendors might not accept cards.

Enjoying the Community Atmosphere

Cultural Immersion

The markets are more than shopping venues; they're platforms for cultural exchange, offering live music, local arts, and crafts.

Supporting the Local Economy

By shopping at these markets, you contribute to Kelowna's sustainable farming and craftsmanship, bolstering the local economy.


Kelowna's farmers' markets are places to buy produce, and community hubs where you can experience the best of local culture and goods. As an early bird, you'll not only get the pick of the crop but also immerse yourself in a rich, communal experience unique to Kelowna.