Bird Watching

Beginner's Bird Watching in Kelowna: Getting Started

A group of ducks walking across an icy, snow-covered pond near a wooden deck in Kelowna.

Unveiling the world of avian wonders, Kelowna stands as a remarkable destination for bird enthusiasts. Its unique position on the Pacific Flyway, coupled with a diversity of ecosystems, transforms it into a birdwatching paradise, where over 200 species showcase nature's mesmerizing symphony​.

Best Bird Watching Locations in Kelowna

Mission Creek Greenway

Mission Creek Greenway is a sanctuary for many bird species, especially during migration. This linear park, stretching along Mission Creek, is a habitat for birds like the American Goldfinch and Black-capped Chickadee, making it an ideal spot for beginners.

Robert Lake

As a recognized saline wetland just north of the city, Robert Lake captivates birdwatchers with its diverse array of shorebirds and waterfowl. The American Avocet and Black-necked Stilt are among the rare species that can be observed here.

Rotary Marsh Park

Situated downtown, Rotary Marsh Park is an oasis for various waterbirds and songbirds, offering a serene soundscape for enthusiasts. It's a perfect urban retreat for bird watching.

Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park, a must-visit for any Kelowna visitor, presents opportunities to spot birds like the Western Tanager and Northern Pygmy Owl, amidst its natural beauty.

When to Go Bird Watching

Bird watching in Kelowna is a year-round activity. However, the best times are during the spring and fall migration seasons. Winter also presents unique opportunities to see species like Bald Eagles and Snowy Owls.

Local Bird Watching Resources

The Okanagan Birding Festival in May is a highlight, offering tours, seminars, and contests. The Central Okanagan Naturalists' Club provides guided walks and educational programs, enhancing the bird watching experience.

Basic Gear for Bird Watching

Essential gear includes binoculars, a telescope, a field guidebook, hiking shoes, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Additional tools like a bird sound identification app and a waterproof jacket can enhance the experience. A digital camera or a video camera is great for capturing memories, while a GPS device can help locate elusive birds​​.

Bird Watching Etiquette

Bird watching etiquette includes keeping noise to a minimum, maintaining a respectful distance, understanding stress signals, and never chasing birds. Additionally, keeping phones silent, avoiding audio playback, being cautious around nesting birds, and not flushing birds for flight are important. Dressing in dull colors to blend in and leaving pets at home are also recommended practices​.


Bird watching in Kelowna transcends being a mere hobby; it is an immersive experience in nature's diversity. With its enchanting bird species and picturesque landscapes, Kelowna invites you to explore its avian wonders with respect and curiosity​.