Farmers' Markets

Flavours of Kelowna: Sampling Local Specialties at Farmers' Markets

A woman picking peaches from a tree in an orchard with the sun shining through the leaves on the branches.
Andrew Strain

Kelowna's farmers' markets are a symphony of tastes and textures, where local produce and artisanal delights tell the story of a community deeply connected to its land. Here, every market visit is a journey through Kelowna's culinary heart.

The Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market

In the spacious lot across from Orchard Park Mall, the Kelowna Farmers' and Crafters' Market unfolds. What began with a humble gathering of five vendors has blossomed into a bustling marketplace, showcasing around 200 vendors from Armstrong to Summerland in peak season. This market offers local produce, gourmet food, and craftwork, where the freshest berries, crisp apples, and artisan cheese meet the skilled hands of local artisans crafting chocolates and other treats.

The market also comes alive with a mix of events and entertainment. From the lively garlic festival to the tunes of street musicians, it's a place where the community gathers, and new visitors are welcomed like old friends. The air is often filled with the aromas of sizzling tacos, aromatic samosas, and delectable vegan offerings, catering to every palate.

Downtown Farmers' and Crafters' Market

Every Sunday, the city transforms. The Downtown Farmers' and Crafters' Market on St. Paul Street is an urban oasis where the freshest fruits and vegetables sit alongside wholesome bread, pastries, and unique crafts. Here, the shopping experience is framed by the city's skyline, offering a distinct urban flavour to the traditional farmers' market. It's a place where the city life pauses, allowing shoppers to savour handcrafted soaps, tinctures, and the warmth of a community coming together under the morning sky.

East Kelowna Sunday Market

In the scenic surroundings of East Kelowna's Hall, the East Kelowna Market offers a charming small-town atmosphere. Open from May to September on varying Saturdays and Sundays, this market is a patchwork of more than 70 vendors, local music, and community events, all set against the backdrop of historic buildings. It's a place where the simplicity of a Sunday market melds with the richness of local culture, offering a genuine taste of Kelowna's community spirit.

Westbank Farmers Market

In West Kelowna, the Westbank Farmers Market is a celebration held every Saturday from July to September. It's a demonstration of the community's dedication to sustainable living, where the fruits of local labor shine in every stall. Visitors can explore a variety of fresh produce, local meats, honey, preserves, and an array of handcrafted items like jewelry, pottery, and textiles. This market is more than a shopping destination; it's a showcase of local pride and craftsmanship.

Sampling Local Specialties

The true nature of Kelowna's farmers' markets lies in their culinary offerings. From the traditional to the exotic, the markets overflow with locally grown fruits like peaches, cherries, and even kiwi and figs, thanks to the diverse climate of the Okanagan Valley. Artisanal foods are a highlight, with fresh baked goods, cheeses, quality meats, and homemade jams lining the stalls. Food enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to indulge in handcrafted pastries, hearty poutines, smoky barbecue bites, and sweet crepes, each dish with love and care poured into its creation.


Kelowna's farmers' markets are centres of community life and culinary exploration. Each visit offers a unique experience, a chance to connect with the land and its bounty, and to celebrate the flavours that make Kelowna truly special. These markets invite you to immerse yourself in the rich mosiac of tastes that define this beautiful region.