From Grain to Glass: The Complete Brewing Process at Kelowna Breweries

a room filled with lots of metal tanks filled with different types of liquids and water hoses next to each other
Kettle River Brewing


Embark on a flavourful journey through Kelowna's brewing process. From the selection of quality grains to the final effervescent sip, discover how Kelowna's breweries transform simple ingredients into a symphony of tastes.

The Brewing Process: Step-by-Step

Malt Preparation

The brewing adventure begins with malt. Kelowna's brewers, like those at Vice & Virtue Brewing Co., carefully select locally sourced grains. These grains are malted, unlocking the sugars needed for fermentation.


In the mashing phase, the milled malt meets water. Kelowna's brewers artfully control the temperature, influencing the beer's body and sweetness.


Next, the wort, a sugary liquid, is separated from the spent grains. This step ensures the desired clarity and sugar concentration.

Boiling and Hopping

The wort is boiled, sterilized, and hops are added. This stage defines the beer's bitterness and aroma.


After boiling, whirlpooling removes unwanted solids, further refining the beer's flavour.


Yeast transforms the sugary wort into alcohol. Kelowna's breweries, like many others, use different yeasts for ales and lagers, crafting a diverse range of flavours.


The beer matures, developing its final character. Some Kelowna breweries might add unique touches, like dry hopping, during this stage.

Packaging and Carbonation

Finally, the beer is kegged or bottled. Carbonation brings the beer to life, ready for enjoyment.

Kelowna's Unique Brewing Techniques and Innovations

Crafting Small Batches

Kettle River Brewing Co. champions the small-batch approach. Their nanobrewery setup allows for creative experimentation, delivering a rotation of unique flavours.

Innovative Brewing Styles

Wild Ambition Brewing, specializing in mixed fermentation, showcases the innovative spirit of Kelowna's breweries.

Impact of Kelowna's Brewing Scene

Kelowna's brewing landscape has evolved dramatically. From Tree Brewing's pioneering efforts to the recent craft beer revolution, the city has become a hotspot for beer enthusiasts. Breweries like the historic BNA Brewing Co with its bowling centre enhance the city's cultural fabric. This growth signifies Kelowna's emerging identity as a premier craft beer destination.


Kelowna's breweries offer an interesting exploration of brewing artistry. From grain to glass, every step reflects the passion and skill of local brewers, inviting locals and visitors alike to savour the rich flavours of this beautiful city.