Bird Watching

Kelowna's Best Residential Areas for Birdwatching

A picturesque waterfall cascades over rocks surrounded by dense forest in Kelowna.

Kelowna is a paradise for nature lovers, especially for bird enthusiasts. With several premier residential areas offering rich and diverse bird habitats, this local hotspot has become a birdwatcher's dream come true. With several species making Kelowna's various locales their homes, let's explore some of the best Kelowna neighbourhoods for birdwatching.

Upper Mission

High up in the foothills of the Okanagan Mountains, the Upper Mission district is known for its scenic views. However, apart from its breathtaking settings, it is an important habitat for several bird species, including the Western Bluebird and Red-breasted Sapsucker. For birdwatchers living in this district, the winding walking trails offer ample opportunities to spot these bright birds amidst the wildflowers and evergreens.


Among Kelowna's more populated districts, Glenmore comes alive with the songs of various birds, making it a hotbed for birding activity. The area's ubiquitous trees and shrubs provide ideal nesting spots for the likes of the Pileated Woodpecker and the American Goldfinch. The green spaces in Glenmore allow residents to understand and appreciate bird behaviours and rare sights better.


Outside the busy Kelowna City lies the quiet and rural Ellison area. This less-populated district is home to one of the most diverse avian populations in the city. The forests and grasslands are brimming with a chorus of Northern Pygmy Owls, Mountain Chickadees and Red-Tailed Hawks.

West Kelowna

If you're yearning for a blend of urban luxury and nature, West Kelowna is your spot. With a collection of elite homes overlooking the Okanagan Lake, this district supplies residents with a daily spectacle of lake birds. Species like the Great Blue Heron, Western Grebe and Bald Eagles can be sighted with relative ease.

Downtown Kelowna

Even the city isn't bereft of a good amount of birding opportunities. Downtown Kelowna, with its bustling cityscape, features a surprising diversity of birds. City dwellers could run into Common Nighthawks and Peregrine Falcons that have comfortably adapted to the urban environment.


Kelowna's residential areas offer more than just cozy and comfortable housing. They provide a ringside view of the antics of some of North America's most fascinating bird species. If you are a passionate birdwatcher and considering a move, Kelowna's neighbourhoods are among the best places for you. This region is a scenic paradise that keeps giving, season after season, bird after wonderful bird. And remember, the joy of birdwatching doesn’t stop at observation. We could also create safe environments for these incredible creatures right at home.