Kelowna's Festivals and Cultural Events

An outdoor festival with numerous tents, food stalls, people, and a central fountain, set in a lush, mountainous landscape under a cloudy sky.

Kelowna is a city that pulsates with energy and life. From summer concerts by the lake to wine festivals, food events, and more, Kelowna brings its unique heritage and culture to life through many festivals and events celebrated throughout the year. Whether you call Kelowna home or are planning a visit, these events aim to offer you a truly immersive experience. Let's look into the world of certain unforgettable Kelowna festivities.

The Great Okanagan Beer Festival

The Great Okanagan Beer Festival is a celebration of beer and brewing that brings together more than 60 breweries and thousands of beer enthusiasts each year in May. Held in the beautiful Waterfront Park, this festival offers splendid views of Okanagan Lake paired with craft beers that reflect the diversity of the local and international brewing communities. This multi-day event features not only beer tasting but also live music and various food vendors, ensuring a good time for all who attend.

Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon

In June, the annual Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon sets off among the rolling hills of the wineries and vineyards. Participants and their supporters can indulge in the Wine & Music Festival at Waterfront Park after the race. The event allows participants to celebrate their accomplishments while experiencing the outstanding wine and food the region is famed for.

The Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival

The Kelowna Dragon Boat Festival, typically held in August, is an event that showcases the vitality and diverse culture of the community. Dragon boat racing is an ancient Chinese tradition and the festival draws teams from all over Western Canada. Beyond races, spectators can explore vendor booths, enjoy food and drink stands, and immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere by the lake. The festival also aims to raise funds for local charities, blending sport with philanthropy.

Rock the Lake Festival

Another must-attend summer event in Kelowna is the Rock the Lake Festival. The outdoor event takes place just outside Prospera Place, just minutes from Okanagan Lake and within walking distance to all of beautiful Downtown Kelowna’s amenities and accommodations. There are food trucks, drinks, evening light shows and of course rock n' roll. Patrons are permitted to bring in their own lawn chairs for this all-ages event.

Kelowna City Band Festive Concerts

A recurring event throughout the year is concerts by the Kelowna City Band, a local volunteer-run community band. The band hosts several concerts during the year, including festive concerts during the holiday season. These concerts offer a melodic exploration through pieces that range from classical music to modern pop.


Experience Kelowna’s atmosphere through its various festivals and cultural events, which showcase the city's unique identity. These events are annual gatherings that serve as a platform to celebrate the city’s rich heritage, thrumming energy, and passionate community. The core of Kelowna's cultural and social vibrancy is reflected in these festivals and events, which bring local residents and visitors together to celebrate life in this beautiful part of the world.