Seasonal Brews: Kelowna’s Craft Beer Through the Seasons

A wooden coaster with five glasses of beer on it and a tree logo on the bottom of the coaster.
Kelowna Beer Institute


Kelowna's craft beer scene offers a variety of flavours, mirroring the city's diverse landscapes and culture. As each season unfolds, local breweries craft unique beers that capture the nature of the time of year. From spring's refreshing ales to winter's cozy stouts, these seasonal brews showcase the creativity and passion of Kelowna's brewers.

Spring: A Time for Refreshment and Revival

Spring in Kelowna brings a bouquet of fresh and zesty beers. The Hibiscus Lemonale from Kelowna Beer Institute is a standout, delivering a harmonious blend of lemon and grapefruit, perfect for the season's first patio days. Lakesider Brewing also joins the spring celebration with its Last Sunset Raspberry Sour Ale, a mild sour that's reminiscent of the season's sunsets, packed with the juicy goodness of raspberries.

Summer: Sun, Fun, and Flavourful Brews

Summer in Kelowna is synonymous with innovation in craft beer. Local breweries excel in creating beers that are as bright and lively as the season itself. Beers like Lakesider Brewing's Beachcomber IPA are perfect for sunny days at the beach, featuring Galaxy and Citra hops. Another perfect summer beer is the Lady of the Lake Lager from Red Bird Brewing which offers a German-style lager that is light, crisp and easy to drink with a smooth finish.Kelowna's summer offerings deliver a range of flavours from juicy and hoppy to light and refreshing.

Fall: Harvesting Richness and Tradition

Fall in Kelowna witnesses a rich variety of beers that draw from local harvests. The Explore BC IPA, a collaboration among six breweries, highlights homegrown haskap berries and blackberries, creating a beer that is a tribute to the province's natural splendour. Breweries like Jackknife Brewing also experiment with locally sourced ingredients to produce beers like the fresh hops Nordic IPA. Using backyard-grown Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook hops, adding a personal touch to their brews. The season's surprise comes in the form of a Belgian-style saison brewed with pumpkins and spices, offering a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Winter: Cozy Comfort in a Glass

The cold months in Kelowna are warmed up with rich, dark stouts and ales. Kettle River Brewing’s Under the Weather Chocolate Milk Stout is a delight, blending chocolate, coffee, and cream into a smooth, dark ale. The Winter Ale from Kelowna Beer Institute adds a festive touch with its nutty and sweet vanilla flavours, embodying the spirit of the season. For those seeking a more intense experience, Jackknife Brewing’s Hammer of Doom offers a complex profile of graham cracker and Canadian maple syrup.


Kelowna's craft breweries are places to enjoy a pint, where each season is captured and shared. From the refreshing ales of spring to the comforting stouts of winter, Kelowna’s seasonal brews are a journey through the year, one flavourful sip at a time.